Supplying and training all animals for Films,
Television & Photography
for over 30 years

No Request is too small - From ants to elephants - we can supply them all
This frog is  the award wining Lemsip singing frog

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This frog is  the award wining Lemsip singing frog - we supply animals for advertising

For over thirty years, Animal Actors have
been training and supplying a wide
variety of animals for the advertising, television, film industries.
Indiana Jones & the Lost Ark - Animal coordinators for 8,000 Snakes, 250 tarantula spiders, starring Capuchin monkeys Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade - 10,000 Rats. Before the filming of the rats in the sewer scene Steven Spielberg was worried that the rats might drown so he had a small swimming pool built on one of the stages and picked various rats out from our stock and swam them! Mel Gibson Braveheart - Stag

Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom - Animal actors supplied 1/2 million Insects, elephants, tiger, baboon,lizard, eagle, bats. The Mummy Returns - 'Oded Fehr as Ardeth Bay with Horace, filming in Morocco Seven Years in Tibet - Mike Culling - Animal Training in Argentina Yaks